RinCon 2019 has ended
Online game registration is now closed. Please visit the main lobby on site to sign up for game sessions. See you at RinCon!

Jim Davis

Web DM
Jim Davis is the co-host of Web DM, a D&D advice channel on YouTube with over 150,000 subscribers. He’s been DMing for over 20 years. He has a Master’s Degree in military history, and his deep knowledge of political and social development informs his love of worldbuilding. He’s regularly appeared on D&D Beyond, giving more advice on how to prep and run better D&D games. Jim also runs and plays in streamed games across many channels including D&D, Encounter Roleplay, Kobold Press, and Web DM’s own channel, where he runs games in his post-apocalyptic setting The Land Between Two Rivers, the same setting he will bring to RinCon.