RinCon 2019 has ended
Online game registration is now closed. Please visit the main lobby on site to sign up for game sessions. See you at RinCon!

Jonathan Pruitt

Web DM
Jonathan Pruitt is co-host and co-creator of Web DM, one of the largest D&D and TTRPG advice content creation companies in the world.  He is the DM of Starward Bound, a long-running streamed, Spelljammer-inspired 5e D&D game, and has played in dozens of other streamed games across the internet including Adventures in Middle Earth, Call of Cthulhu, KULT, and Warhammer FRP.  Pruitt has been playing D&D since 2nd edition, and he can’t wait to share his enthusiasm and penchant for min-maxing with everyone at RinCon.