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Saturday, October 5 • 9:00am - 1:00pm
Legends of Kralis: Adventure Awaits LIMITED
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Limited Capacity seats available

The Age of Heroes has past, and the great tide of enlightenment and prosperity it brought with has sunk
below time’s horizon. This current age is a time Between; between light and darkness, ignorance and
wisdom, good and evil...life and death. The horrors of the old world that have lain sleeping in the dark
corners are waking up, and new shadows join the old in this twilight time.

All is far from lost, though. Many relics of the past stand strong, swirling with energies eldritch and
arcane, immune to the erosion of time. Tomb delvers and treasure hunters unearth ancient secrets, and
mystical scholars push the boundaries of knowledge and skill to shine a light across the world.
Technologies new and old are invigorated, and in some cases melded together, wielded alongside the
sword and shield.

While countless empires have fallen, many great cities still stand across the face of Ta Los. And while
creatures from black rifts and forgotten times rise, it is the heroes of this age that will meet them. With
steel and spell, the cry of battle and the thunder of guns, shall this new age be forged.
What will you make of it?

Come found out what the Legends of Kralis has in store for you. Come choose your own adventure! Will you delve into the depths of the Tav Aedhun in search of the Gravestone?
Or will you race against the werathi void pirates to reach the Thunder Idol? Or will you scour the sewers beneath Dardura Sheva in search of the missing power core of a local merchant's ship?

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Levi Davis

Creator/Designer/CEO, Talarius Gaming and Publishing
Caught between the majesty of the old world, and the marvels of the new, the world of Kralis is filled with discoveries waiting to be uncovered. From the secrets of thundersmoke, to the lost arts of Kara’Zim, knowledge and power await you… if you’re brave enough to seek them... Read More →

Saturday October 5, 2019 9:00am - 1:00pm MST
Muster K

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