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Saturday, October 5

9:00am MST

Scourge of the Slave Lords - Remixed
Limited Capacity filling up

At first, they were only a vague whisper on the lips of a few barbaric scum, a whisper that grew to an icy chill of dread and dispair – the slave lords! They are masters of vile cruelty and terror. And they are unnamed and unidentified, hiding behind a veil of secrecy and deception! A remix of the classic AD&D Slavelords adventure series (A1-A4) using the new Cypher System 2nd edition rules by Monte Cook Games. Experience one of the all-time classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure through the fast-paced, cinematic game system used by Numenera and the Strange. Pre-made characters provided and people new to Role-Playing games are welcome

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Michael Dorland

I've been Game Mastering for 39 years and have run several different games at various conventions during that time, as well as conventions themselves. While I have spent the majority of those years utilizing the GURPS system, I have played almost everything out there. I'm a member... Read More →

Saturday October 5, 2019 9:00am - 2:00pm MST
Muster H
  RPG, Cypher System

8:00pm MST

Limited Capacity seats available

It’s a billion years in the future. The earth has seen its denizens rise, from stone age to stellar empire, multidimensional civilization, or perhaps transcendency to near godhood—not once but eight times. Each of these civilizations has altered the earth as they have seen fit, in ways sometimes small and sometimes grandiose beyond imagining. The landscape of the Ninth World is shaped by structures, machines, and landmarks that bear the mark of previous worlds, and dotted with ancient devices, creatures, and items of wondrous power and inexplicable purpose. Islands of crystal float in the sky. Inverted mountains rise up above plains of broken glass. Mysterious abandoned structures stretch across distances so great they affect the weather. Massive machines, half buried, churn and hum—but for what purpose?

What will you find as you explore this world? How will your discoveries shape the future of humankind?

Saturday October 5, 2019 8:00pm - 11:59pm MST
Muster F
  RPG, Cypher System

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