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Levi Davis

Talarius Gaming and Publishing
Tucson, Arizona
Caught between the majesty of the old world, and the marvels of the new, the world of Kralis is filled with discoveries waiting to be uncovered. From the secrets of thundersmoke, to the lost arts of Kara’Zim, knowledge and power await you… if you’re brave enough to seek them, that is!

Talarius Gaming is Levi Davis and et al. We live, work and play in Southern Arizona, transplanted from all over the country and along many other RPG sisters and brothers around the world we have been designing, writing and playing the Legends of Kralis TTRPG. We look forward to seeing how you bring your Legend to Life as this game offers both new and veteran players a great vehicle into a science-fantasy role playing experience for characters, storytelling and incredible adventures!
Long Live Your Legends!