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Michael Dorland

Tucson, Arizona
I've been Game Mastering for 39 years and have run several different games at various conventions during that time, as well as conventions themselves. While I have spent the majority of those years utilizing the GURPS system, I have played almost everything out there. I'm a member of the Monte Cook Games Asset team. I love working with people who are new to the hobby as a whole. I also love introducing players not familiar with RPGs outside of ones like D&D 5th edition and Pathfinder to a new style of gaming. The Cypher System is fast, cinematic and doesn't get bogged down with fine detail, focusing on story and not detailed tactical encounters. It's also one of the easiest to learn systems around, while not being totally freeform. It's perfect for games with the Action of "Big Trouble in Little China", the horror of "Cabin in the Woods" or the complexity of "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus". I look forward to meeting everyone and having a great time.

My GMs Sessions

Saturday, October 5

9:00am MST

Sunday, October 6

9:00am MST

2:00pm MST